We care about you and the partnership with "Hey Whatz Up."

Rules and Regulations

Heywahtzup is an easy way to find those small mom & pop shops, and/or business that cannot be found otherwise.

We would love to have you on our team with other great business’s. In order to keep Heywhatzup different from all other middleman advertising sites. Our team has set some ground rules that would make you and Heywhatzup partners with the hopes that your business is just as unique as we are.

We have made it easier for you to scroll through your business genre after reading the basic guidelines of all business.

Basic Guidelines for all business, companies and small mom and pop shops.

  1. All business, companies and self-employed genres must be pre-approved before advertisement on Heywhatzup.com
  2. Please read your genera upon your business. This makes it easier to understand what Heywhatzup.com is looking for in your unique style. Why is this important? Because Heywhatzup could have thousands of business on our site. But what fun is that for ours, and your customers to find you. Boring, overwhelming and downright stressful. So Heywhatzup decided to set ground rules to be accepted through our wonderful team of inspired personal who would love to see your flourish.
  3. If you are on the front page of a state, let’s say like a “Bed and Breakfast or Made in America.” You can also have a second add  in the county of your location.
  4. Your business must have a website, Etsy, Facebook, or another social network to be located as Heywhatzup is the middleman for your business, with a great large add. We will link you to our customers who want to know more about you.
  5. Heywhatzup is a family friendly business. There is no explicit, inflammatory, or abusive content, media, advertisement, or events to be posted on Heywhatzup.com. However, if you are a classy single’s or hang out groups, events, and such. This may be permitted with prior approval.
  6. Heywhatzup has the right to refuse service to anyone, business, and company that does not meet Heywhatzup standards for posting an advertisement. This is by no means any disregard to you, and or business. It is Heywhatzup way to be unique in what we are looking for within our website and team of personal. Please read your genera of business to see if you qualify to advertise with us. If you feel that you may have the direction of what we are looking for, please feel free to contact us. If you are not sure if your business is a fit for Heywhatzup, no problem, we can help you, please feel free to contact us. If you are refused, and there comes a time for you and your company is up to par with requirements, then you may again submit your business to us.
  7. All media, pictures, and material must be legally be yours to post. Pictures of other people, even if they work for you, must sign a release. It is up to you to send us quality media, pictures, and material. Your add will be large, but we have to downgrade the size of the picture. (See example of what your add would look like above, please note they will appear differently depending on the size of the media screens) A higher quality professional picture of you, your company, or your business is suggested. Heywhatzup will do the best for you in the quality of appearance for your advertisement. If we have any problems, we will contact you.
  8. Heywhatzup has 10 days to post your advertisement. We would love to work as fast as we can to help you, this just gives us a short leeway to properly serve you. This also includes events.
  9. In final, Heywhatzup wants to make a great partnership for you and customers trying to find you. It is our hope that our site would give you justice in your business ventures. However, Heywhatzup does not guarantee a click it, or higher flow of customers. But we would do our best for you, buy separating you in genres for an easy find; and you may be chosen for free in our business of the week features within your page of advertisement and or of State.

Genre’s of your business.

        Bed & Breakfast. This tab is on every state front page. You can have 2 adds. 1 in the State pages and 1 in your county. Bed & Breakfasts are the heart of any state. With the uniqueness of providing a home setting, customers can get wonderful meals and are treated as family. The goal in the Bed & Breakfast front page tab is so that customers can pick your B&B in an area that they would love to see. It is our hopes that you provide them with some touring information and ideas. Especially if they are a part of Heywhatzup.com’s team of specialty business. The only rules upon B&B’s is to keep a nice clean B&B, great homecooked meals and a friendly atmosphere. Heywhatzup, would also like to see specialty occasions for Holidays, Honeymoons and such. However, this is not mandated.

       Motels. This does have some set rules to advertise. Why? Because Heywhatzup could advertise any ole motel and be bogged down. But we want you to be found. So, if you have something creative about your motel, this is what we are looking for. For example, I saw a 20 ft statue of a horse, and the motel looked like an ole western town. Or if you have different genera’s in your rooms, like and “Elvis Room, Victorian, a fireplace or even a lake nearby.” Something that’s set you different then all the others, is good enough for us. All we ask is for you to have touring and site seeing information, especially if they are a Heywhatzup business.

However, if your just in a small town, we would love to have you too. Since there isn’t much competition, we would still want you found for those who choose to get off the main highway to see the sites. Please just be clean and at least newer bedspreads, unless your hotel is the 1960’s genera style with a disco ball. Seriously though, please have a nice clean place, a pleasant atmosphere, and a friendly smile

        Family & Friends Adventures. Are you a pet farm, ranch, personally owned carnival or something else fun and exciting that is not a part of a chain corporation? You can post 2 adds, one on your states page and one in your county. Heywhatzup aske’s that your facilities are clean, safe, and your team of personal are well trained for the safety of families. Heywhatzup would love to have you upon our site, since you are a prime reason for Heywhatzup. It is our goal to let customers know they can travel somewhere within a state, to not only see the state, but their destination will eventually be filled with lots of good memories. Please submit your request for an advertisement and let’s see if you are just what we are looking for.

       Food Farms and Markets. Food farms and Markets can have 2 adds, one on the state’s main page and one in the county. There’s not much to request from you since farmers are our bread and butter of life. However, if you have something creative to add, let’s talk. We may be able to give you some more advertisement space, let’s say something like having a farmer’s fest etc. Just make sure you have the safest materials available for pickers and be clear upon hours of operation. Markets may also have 2 adds the reason for this is that someone may be driving towards your direction, and they may  want to stop at a Saturday market. Which in turn helps your town as they may just want to visit the stores and sites also. So Heywhatzup just loves Saturday markets. Just keep a clean friendly atmosphere, which I know artisans and such are just as friendly as all get out.

      Guides, Tours & Lessons. Heywhatzup loves these guys. Why? Because you have the skills and training to help customers have fun and try something new. Guides and Tours can have 2 adds. One on their front-page state, and one in their county.

Depending upon lessons, they may only have one add. For example, Dance lessons are only in their county, Airplane flying lessons can be on the front page and in a county of location.  Depending upon what you do, you may have to be certified. Let’s talk to see if it is needed. For examples. A fishing guide does not have to be certified. However, he must show proof that his boat is licensed and safe. A hunting guide must show that he has been certified in safety. A white-water rafting guides, must be certified. A tour guide must have their vehicles and such proof of inspection or proof of maintenance. Lessons could be a dance instructor who may not have a degree but has the skills and proof of a long-standing business with safety of their clientele. So on and so forth. Just talk to us, we could fill you out and your expertise. Were good with that. Our goal is to send you customers that want a safe enjoyable new experience.

      Clubs and Hangouts. If you are a camera or hiking or whatever club. You must have at least 6 people in your clubs, and a Facebook or Website. It is up to you to keep your members safe, such as a hiking club. It is at your discretion for new members and if they have the skills to join. If you are a mountain man club and such. Wow that’s great, we would especially love to have you too. Heywhatzup is looking for the fun and unique. So drop us a line to see if we are a fit for a partnership.

      Events. Heywhatzup has 10 days to post your event. If it is an emergency to get on our sites, there may be extra cost. There are different event advertisement sizes.  Let’s say you are the “Rose Festival” in Portland Oregon. Then you may want a bigger add. We can help with that. But if you are just a small weekend Bazar, then our smaller adds may suit you just fine. Go to the events page for more information.

      Lets Eat. O.K. so this one is the strictest of all. There are so many food apps and such that the only way that Heywhatzup can help you to be found and have an enjoyable customer experience in searching is our strict rules.

What we are looking for is that tasty unique experience. For example, Do you have that huge steak and hamburger? Are you a many generations restaurant?  Do you have something on the menu like no other that has been proven to bring in the customers from all over? Does your restaurant have some sort of entertainment, except for a TV? What makes you stand out? Drop us a line and let’s talk. We may want you voted in by your customer base. However if you are small town, then we will be less strict on you, as we know that you too need Heywhatzup’s customer base. Absolutely no corporate chain restaurants. However, you can be a multi mom and pop shop restaurants, let’s talk to see if you are a fit.

     Museum-Arts. Well we can’t say to much about these. Why? Because each county already has these nipped in the bud. They offer a unique perspective of their community and the talents of their local artisans. Plus most buildings that house these fine goodies has their own history. Heywhatzup would love to have you.

     Night Life. So night life is also a picky subject unless again you are in a small town. If you are a small county, no problem, Heyhwazup can help you to be found. Just drop us a line. However, when we get to those big cities. Heywhatzup is looking for the cool, eventful, and down right party time for those trying to get away from their weekly lives. Do you have weekly bands? What do you do that is different from the rest to bring enjoyment? Are you a comedian club? We don’t judge at Heywhatzup, because we know there are many tastes out there. However, Heywhatzup is bound by the basic guidelines, that there is no sexual clubs. We know you are all adults trying to have some fun, but it is what it is in our guidelines.  We appreciate your understanding. So let’s talk if you feel you have what it takes to advertise.

      Outdoor. This is similar to “Guides, Tours and Lessons” to where those who are on our “state’s” page can also be here. We are looking for hunting, fishing and river touring guides etc. Athletic instructors like Skiing, etc. Zip line to Bungee jumping, jumping out of a plane to gliding, snowboarding instructors to surfing. Mountain tours to hiking guides, etc.

So if your business has anything to do with the outdoors, drop us a line, we may request some sort of certification. Not to be nosey, we just want to have a fun safe adventure for our customers. Wouldn’t  you just hate that you’ve done all the hard work to build a reputable business and here comes along a guy that says he knows how to hunt with no safety background. So that’s what’s proof of certification is all about. Let’s talk to see if we can partner up.

     Theater-Broadway Not much to do to post with Heywhatzup. We love the shows, and we would love to have you. The only difference with you guys, is that you can different size adds, and can change as your evets change. Look at the events page for more information.

     Sports. Sports can be from a high school football to state football in all genres of sports. You can post weekly adds, see the events page.

However if you are an indoor sports instructor then this section is also for you. All we ask is that you are certified.