We at “Hey Whatz Up” are here to help you, to get a stronger customer base. That is our sheer goal of existence. With our very large advertisement space, at a low, low price. This can be accomplished. Our unique business genres will set you apart, so that customers can easily find you. This is a small “Mom & Pop” shop advertisement company, absolutely “NO” chain stores. “WE WANT YOU FOUND.” We believe in “YOU” and we believe that the little guys/gals in a business, are at the “HEART” of American economics. 

Lori Moore had the dream to try to help small mom and pop shops, with hard work and determination, that dream is becoming a realty. With many life skills, business savvy, and the heart for the needs of others, Lori is here to help all that she can for your business to strive. 

Michelle Waddell is here to help you with all your business needs and to help it succeed. With the people skills she has she will be able to talk and communicate with you and others about any questions you may have!

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